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What Is Olencoin?

Olencoin Inherits and developes the Bitcoin cash technology platform,with open source p2p accelerates all transactions quickly, minimises risk,enhances high security and does not involve any third party,Olencoin has a clearly transapent development roadmap, All Olencoin wallet versions will be fully up to date where users can secure thier wallets and trade seamlessly on trading platforms.

Our trading uses blockchain technology to ensure all investors enjoy safe and secure processing on our stable platform,our decentralised platform does not involve any third party involvement thus allowing transparent transactions between investors. we utilise the bitcoin cash blockchain.

State target price by february 2018 is 50$.

ICO Structure


  • OlenCoin is a new cryptocurrency which aims to become the best alternative to current popular coins such as Bitcoin.

  • OlenCoins are digital coins which you can store on your computer drive, smartphone, hardware wallet or somewhere in the cloud.

  • It is a form of digital public money created by complex mathematical computations and validated by millions of computer users (blockchain technology).

  • It was created for the purpose of making global transactions that are private, secure & anonymous.

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Olencoin technical specifications

Type PoW/PoS Hybrid Blockchain
PoW Algorithm Scrypt
PoW Block Reward 2 OLC
Block time 120 Seconds
Difficulty Retarget Every Block
PoS Reward 10% Monthly For The First 6 Months
(Detailed in Whitepaper)
PoS Minimum Staking Time 1 hour
PoS Maximum Staking Time Unlimited
Coinbase Maturity 15 Blocks
Max Supply 25 Million OLC
Coin Premined 12 Million OLC

How OLC holders make money?

Lending Program

Lending amount Interest (Acrued daily) Capital back
$100 - $1000 Daily variation rate After 299 days
$1001 - $5000 Daily variation rate + 0.10% After 239 days
$5001 - $10000 Daily variation rate + 0.20% After 179 days
$10001 - $25000 Daily variation rate + 0.25% After 119 days
$25001+ Daily variation rate + 0.35% After 89 days

Optional capital lock boost

Locking period Daily interest boost
+ 30 Days + 0.02%
+ 60 Days + 0.05%
+ 120 Days + 0.10%

Staking coin for profit

Period Staking rate
First year 10% per month
Second year 8% per month
Third year 5% per month

Trading coin on popular platforms

  • Coin Exchange

  • Poloneix

  • Bittrex

OLC will be listed on exchanges on January 2018

Road map

Affiliate program

With Olencoin ICO affiliate program you can earn additional bitcoin (BTC) by telling other users about this opportunity and referring them to Olencoin community.
We are offering a bonus program which enables you the possibility to earn more for every new user who signs up and joins olncoin lending platform using your affiliate link.

Level Lending Program Bonus Platinum Affiliate Boost
1 8% See below
2 4%
3 2%
4 1%
5 1%
Level ICO Affiliate Bonus Platinum Affiliate Boost
1 6% See below

We offer special bonus rates for leaders and promoters.

Please contact us now by email at Info@Olencoin.co for more information.

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About us

Our team consists of open source and closed source minning, construction and trading experts,engineers and managers who have extensive experience in their field,

Q & A

Q: What is Cryptocurrency?
A: A digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. The first cryptocurrency to be created was Bitcoin back in 2009. Today cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon known to most people. While still somehow geeky and not understood by most people, banks, governments and many companies are aware of its importance.

Q: What Is Bitcoin Cash?
A: 1) Bitcoin cash (BCH), like its predecessor bitcoin (BTC), is a peer-to-peer electronic payment system that is supported by blockchain technology and decentralized network of computers. The cryptography-based system processes, verifies and records electronic payment transactions without relying on trusted third parties such as financial institutions.
2) Bitcoin cash lowers transaction costs by removing third parties who mediate disputes between buyers and merchants.
3) It decreases fraud by requiring security protocols such as proof-of-work and digital signatures that are verified on a publicly-distributed ledger known as blockchain.
4) Bitcoin cash was created on August 1, 2017 after a hard-fork split from bitcoin. BCH features a block size limit of 8 megabytes (MB) compared to bitcoin’s 1 MB. The 8 MB block size limit enables BCH miners to process more transactions on the payment network. Proponents argue that BCH’s larger block size leads to faster transactions, lower fees and improved scalability.
5) Bitcoin cash is not backed by any government or central bank.

Q: What is Bitcoin?
A: Bitcoin is a popular digital currency, created and stored electronically. It’s not centrally controlled, nor are bitcoins printed; instead, bitcoins are made by people and businesses through software that solves mathematical problems. Bitcoins belong to a growing category of digital money called cryptocurrency.

Q: Is Bitcoin Anonymous?
A: Bitcoin transactions are not tied to any personal information which allows users to protect their privacy. However, since all Bitcoin transactions are public knowledge and permanently on the blockchain, other users can see the activity associated to a particular wallet address—hence not being 100% anonymous. It is highly recommended to only use Bitcoin addresses once to avoid your identity being revealed either through a specific purchase or other means.

Q: What is the Blockchain?
A: The blockchain, is a huge, shared public ledger where the entire Bitcoin network is situated. All verified transactions are added to the Blockchain, where everyone can see information pertaining to Bitcoin wallets and verify their balances.

Q: Why use Bitcoin?
A: There are many advantages to using Bitcoin, many of which include:

  1. Quick, Easy and Convenient - You can send and receive bitcoins anywhere in the world at any time in a matter of a few minutes.
  2. Low Fees – Normally, the fees for Bitcoin transactions are very small. Bitcoin fees can fluctuate due to the dynamic fee market. In addition, some wallets will also allow you to pay a fee you’re willing to spend. With higher fees, you’ll get faster confirmation of your transactions.
  3. Secure – When using Bitcoin, users remain in control of their transactions. You’re also protected from identity theft since Bitcoin payments can be made without personal information associated with the transaction.
  4. Transparent - All Bitcoin transactions are fully available on the blockchain for anybody to verify and use in real-time.